Episode 1

"Amy & Family in Washington State"

Amy travels to Washington State on the North West of USA, starting her weekend in Leavenworth a kind of Bavarian village in the middle of the snowing mountains. It's famous for its Christmas lights and decorations that remind a lot those in Europe. She meets important exponents of the local cuisine. Then in Snoqualmie Valley, famous to have been the set of the TV series "Twin Peaks", at Salish Lodge she interviews the world famous historic Templars researcher Gretchen Cornwall who is born and lives in Seattle. The capitol of this state is Amy next stop and her mother Josephine joins her for two exciting nights amid local cocktails bar and even a speakeasy. During the day Amy visits quickly the famous Pike Market Place, Seattle Aquarium and the iconic Space Needle for an unforgettable and unique experience.

Premiere April 2024

Episode 2

"Amy & Friend in San Francisco Bay"

Continuing her travel around the USA, Amy invites her best friend Monika in San Francisco Bay area. Together they will try its trendy bar places including even a visit to Napa Valley Japanese "Kenzo Winery Estate", a true unique gem. Beside this Amy interviews professor James Ehrlich who is also a Stanford University researcher and founder of "Regen Village Project". Amy then continue with a tasting experience at "Sprezzatura" bar restaurant interviewing its acclaimed Italian mixologist Carlo Splendorini.

Premiere May 2024

Episode 3

"Amy & Family Maccioni in Las Vegas"

Premiere May 2024

Episode 4

"Amy & Fancy Food in Chicago"

Premiere June 2024

Episode 5

"Amy & Fourth of July in NYC"

Premiere July 2024

Episode 6

"Amy & Fun at Sea in Key West"

Premiere August 2024