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It's the sequel of the 2023 Season 1 actually on air on Amazon Prime Video.
It will be very different because this time Amy will be the main protagonist star of this show.
In this 2024 Season two the "A" letter is "Amy" initial, the TV conductor who travels through USA main towns to show their unique gourmet realities or speakeasies, or cocktails and wine bars. She meets and interviews chefs, mixologists, and at least one person of the local culture who lives in that town. Every month this series will release a new episode. The "F" letter is about the different context shown in each episode.


 "A & F" is basically the sequel of the previous series which had a different title due to the participation of another guest cast member from another country. In this new series " A " still means " Amy " (for Amy Erin Johnson) meanwhile " F " will indicate the episodes context. The main states where the filming will be done in this season 2 are: Washington, California, Nevada, Illinois., Florida, New York State. The towns will be: Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Key West and NYC. The past series was filmed in Texas and Tuscany, Italy. This sequel instead is filmed entirely in USA and it will introduce some new aspects like the speakeasies and wine bar. Some of these towns, in the 20's during the "prohibitionism", had several hidden places where people went to drink secretly. Today in the modern era people like still to attend these original and still hidden locations without the fear to be arrested by the police. Beside this, other aspects will be shown like short trips around the unique surroundings of these towns will be filmed as a natural extension of them. So the arguments will vary depending on the locations where Amy goes.